Are you tired of the relentless itch that comes with your eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis (AD), and struggling to find real, relevant daily tips to help your skin?

Look no further than these life hacks. We’ve compiled real life hacks from real people, which they use day to day to manage their atopic dermatitis, keeping the itching at bay and helping to interrupt the itch-scratch cycle.

Our panel of bloggers: Amara, Aramide, Ruth, Steph and Zainab have all struggled with their atopic dermatitis. We got together with them to learn more about the condition and how in their experience atopic dermatitis is perceived online. They also shared with us their best tips and tricks which we have collated below.

We also want to know how you cope with your atopic dermatitis, especially any top life hacks that you use to manage some of the daily challenges – both physical and emotional – that atopic dermatitis can bring.

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