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For further information and support, the following UK organisations could be of help:

National Eczema Society

The National Eczema Society is the leading patient organisation for people living with eczema. The Society’s free Helpline provides a point of contact for anyone affected by eczema and provides support and guidance on eczema management and treatment. The National Eczema Society also has links to regional support groups; independent from the National Eczema Society, these groups are run by volunteers and may be helpful to you by providing an opportunity to share information and experiences with others.

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Allergy UK

Allergy UK is a national patient organisation for people living with all types of allergy. Allergy UK’s vision is to help improve the lives of the millions of people with allergic conditions, including atopic dermatitis. Their free Helpline offers help and support for those living with allergies and their free Factsheets provide information on issues such as symptoms and triggers.

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Eczema Outreach Support

Eczema Outreach Support exists to help families deal with the practical and emotional aspects of having a child with eczema. We understand the impact the condition can have on the whole family, and we understand how isolating it can feel. We know that eczema is different for everyone, so our help is tailored to each family’s needs. We offer a wide range of support, activities and resources to help parents/carers and the child with eczema feel more able to cope with the ups and downs of the condition.

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